3 essential steps before deploying a Step 7 project in TIA Portal

A very useful post from the Blog of DMC Inc. if you use one of the latest Siemens PLCs (1200, 1500). These three hints will make your life a lot easier: https://www.dmcinfo.com/latest-thinking/blog/id/9594/3-essential-steps-before-deploying-a-siemens-plc-project This article gives advise on how to configure your PLC to startup in RUN mode, with a Webserver and how to not get […]

European Robotics Companies

The most promising European Robotics companies are listed here: As mentioned already in a post before, we see Universal Robots as the leader in the promising field of collaborative robotics. In almost every research institute you visit, you will come across one of these species made in the land of Lego. Universal Robots Headquarters: Odense, […]

Power consumption of autonomous IoT devices

Evaluation of the power consumption of an autonomous IoT device The popular Arduino Uno micro-controller  in combination with GSM/GPRS shields based on the SIM900 chip are quite popular as prototype platform for new developments or autonomous IoT systems. The main challenge to implement a true energy autonomous system is the considerable energy demand of this components […]