Power consumption of autonomous IoT devices

Evaluation of the power consumption of an autonomous IoT device The popular Arduino Uno micro-controller  in combination with GSM/GPRS shields based on the SIM900 chip are quite popular as prototype platform for new developments or autonomous IoT systems. The main challenge to implement a true energy autonomous system is the considerable energy demand of this components […]

Coming up soon – The Cademis Weather Monitor!

We are excited to announce the upcoming release of the Cademis Weather Monitor. The original prototype was published  two years ago at Instructables. After several design iterations it will be released as Open Source Solution on 1. January  2016. Main Features Appealing design and simple to use gateway unit Fits perfectly in any living room […]

Vienna Citizen Sensor Projekt

Open data initiatives in Vienna, Amsterdam and Barcelona try to develop technologies to enable citizens to collect and share enviromental data. Main challenges seems to be the development of  an inexpensive hardware platform with acurate sensor-data and stable communication technology. More at futurezone.at Bürger-Sensoren: ‘Smart City auf der Grätzel-Ebene’ – futurezone.at.