Sometimes you have the choice to decide which framework to use for web development. If you do not want to start from scratch you might consider a well supported open source framework, which helps to get you up and running. To support data intensive functionality you have a rising number of frameworks available like Node.js an Django.

Several high-profile websites are based on these two frameworks, so you are never completely wrong if you choose one of them.

A recent blog article from Monterail (  lists the main differences and criteria, which might help you to choose. The full article can be found here.

Read the article for more insights, but some of the main criteria we summarize in the following lists:

Arguments for Django

  • Built on Python
  • Allows rapid development for most types of a websites through predefined libraries
  • Strictly confirms to the Model-View-Template pattern
  • Therefore easy to understand structure which make it easy to maintain

Arguments for Node.js

  • Allows JavaScript for server-side development
  • Optimized for high performance websites
  • Support npm online repository
  • Huge community

Hope this helps to guide you in your decision process!

For more details and downloads for these frameworks look at their dedicated project websites:











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